The Third Grade Team

The Third Grade Team

Friday, September 22, 2017

Next Friday, there will be a Spelling Review Quiz over the pattern y --> i. Please review the 30 words from previous spelling quizzes that have this pattern (first 10 spelling words from each list). We will select 20 words at random for next week's Spelling Quiz.

On Tuesday, we will be doing a Writing CBA review in class and it will go home with the students. Please go over this review with your child!

*There will not be a Reading CBA review sent home. We will be reviewing in class.

Due to our first Language Arts CBA's next week, there will be no Language Arts  homework.


Wednesday: Reading CBA

Thursday: Writing CBA

Next week in Math and Science, we will be reviewing all we have learned so far this year. Our first Science and Math CBAs will be the following week.

October 2 is our field trip to the opera. If you have not yet returned your permission form, please be sure to do so.


Friday, September 15, 2017


The Science teachers are in need of sealed bags of snack items like cheese-its, raisins, breakfast cereal, pretzels, etc. for a science lab. If you have any extras of these items we would be happy to use them in class! Please do not send any products that contain nuts due to allergies. We will also be using a Kool-Aid like drink mix. If you do not want your child to participate please let your child's teacher know. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


The Daulton Annual Read-A-Thon starts soon! Please login and make your page to start earning money for our school. We can't wait to see which third grade class will have all their pages made first!
Information will be sent home Friday!

Side by side or far apart
our grandparents 
are always in our hearts!

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Join us Monday September 11th at 10:35 am for
 lunch to help celebrate Grandparents Day!

Friday, September 1, 2017


Spelling Tests will be given on Fridays. The students will have two spelling quiz grades each six weeks. The quizzes will be averaged together for those two grades.

The spelling words will be added to the blog every Friday.  

Questions/Answers from Curriculum Night

Q: Is there before or after school tutoring?
A: Yes, we will send home information about tutoring in November.

Q: Is there a way to find out if my child's classroom has any supply needs?
A: Yes, feel free to email your child's teacher and they will let you know their specific needs. 

Q:Why was field day closed for parents last year? Will parents be able to attend this year?
A: Yes, field day will be one day and parents are invited to attend this year. 

Q: When will information about Robotics Club be sent home?
A: Information about clubs will be sent home soon, within the next few weeks.

Q: How do we know how many points are deducted if they get a folder sign?
A: Generally, a folder sign is a 2 point deduction. There may be more points deducted if the sign is sever or requires a visit to the office.